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7 Reasons to Partner with Superion
There are many reasons to partner with Superion; here are our top seven…

7 Reasons to Partner with Superion for IT Support and Managed Services

  1. 1. Peace of Mind – we’ll take the hassle and worry out of technology for you. You always have a friendly voice at SUPERION to call for advice and assistance. Partnering with SUPERION ensures that your IT infrastructure is being managed according to the latest best practice guidelines, so you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your day-to-day IT operations are running efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on your core business, and accomplish your organizational goals to move further ahead in business.
  2. 2. One-Stop-Source – eliminate the headache, wasted time and exhaustion of dealing with multiple technology vendors – we’ll liaise with all of them on your behalf.

    How many different technology vendors do you use? Telecom, photo-copier, supplies, and many more. How do you get them all to understand how they fit into your organization? Most companies don’t bother to do this. The result is a hodge-podge of vendors, most of whom do not have “your” best interests in mind, only their wallets. We understand the technology, but we also understand the role vendors play in that technology. We will work with them to oversee and simplify what they can offer your business and how they implement their solutions.

  3. 3. Fixed Prices – get all the IT support that your business needs for one low, fixed monthly subscription without any extra surprises or hidden costs.

    We have reviewed hundreds of I.T. service provider websites looking for commonalities in rates, packages, and services offered. The result was the decision to offer 3 different levels of support that can include everything needed to manage and maintain all your critical technology needs. There are no surcharges, hidden fees, or surprises. The only thing you will need to pay for beyond the agreement is the cost of equipment, parts, and special pre-planned projects. Depending on which package you choose, all maintenance, daily support, monitoring, project management, vendor management, strategic planning, and administration is included in the single monthly price. Ask yourself how that will help when budgeting your operating expenses for the year.

  4. 4. Reduced Risk – the onus becomes ours to make sure everything works right and stays running, unlike hourly services where the technician typically gets paid for billing more hours, and therefore “finds” more work to do.

    Take your average “Tech Guy” who comes in on-demand to solve some problems for you. He charges by the hour, and makes his living on the backs of your problems. The more “problems” he can find, and the longer it takes,  the more he can charge you.

    Our ION Care programs are just the opposite. Our techs are not only concerned with the task at hand, but also how to prevent problems from happening again. This is because ION Care is fixed fee so we only make money by making the equipment run properly, preventing predictable problems from occurring in the first place, and if they do happen, solving them quickly.

  5. 5. Increased Productivity – by outsourcing the day-to-day technical support tasks, your employees can focus on revenue producing activities.

    Do you know what the hidden costs of I.T. really are? Every business is different, however we suggest that there are indeed costs to your company that normally go unnoticed. These costs are typically a loss in productive work time, Time that you are either paying someone to do a job that is not their specialty, or time that you are paying for the user not be able to do his/her job because the equipment he/she uses is not working.

    How about the cost of staff morale? Studies show that unhappy staff become unhappy at work because when they don’t have the tools and equipment to do their job well. Failing equipment is a direct contributer to employee dissatisfaction, especially where there is nobody to ask for the help they need to do their jobs well.

  6. 6. Elevated Service Levels – we prioritize resources for our clients on our program and focus on delivering the help needed remotely therefore drastically reducing the response time to a question or issue.

    We found that the majority of users do not report the problems that can occur on a daily basis due to the typical time delay that occurs when a technician has to be dispatched to go onsite. Furthermore the users may have more questions than problems. These almost never get answered. With our Remote Help Desk solution, we can connect directly to the users computer to solve most of their problems and answer most of their questions within a matter of minutes or hours. No more waiting for a day or longer to have a technician come on-site. If an on-site call is required, such as the case with hardware problems, we set escalation levels for our clients to make sure you get high priority for those calls. We also have 24/7 Emergency response in place for those who need support beyond standard business hours.Superion Satisfaction Guarantee - Reason number 7 for partnering with Superion for IT Support and Managed Services

  7. 7. Superion Satisfaction Guarantee – if you are not happy with our service, or don’t see the value in what we offer after just three months, we will cancel the agreement.

    We work closely with our clients to customize the program to meet their needs. In some cases however it may not be the correct fit for either party and unlike the majority of the market, we do not want to lock you into a long term agreement with heavy penalties for exiting the agreement. Our agreements are open ended, requiring only 30 days notice for cancellation. We only ask that you commit to the first three months, which is the average time it takes to make the relationship work and iron out any bugs. If after this three month period you are simply not happy with what we are doing, or don’t see the value in our services, we will cancel the agreement. We only ask that you meet with us to tell us what we could have done better. This is our “Superion Satisfied Guarantee”.

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